Warren Animal Clinic is proud to announce we now offer External Skeletal Fixation (ESF) at our Monticello location. We are the first and only clinic offering this type of surgical intervention in Southeast Arkansas. ESF is a surgical procedure that is used to stabilize fractures to long bones such as the radius, tibia, femur and humerus. ESF is a good alternative to casting or splinting, and is used in cases when other internal fixations are not possible. ESF is especially useful in crushed fractures with no load sharing ability. After the fracture is placed back into a normal anatomical position, pins are placed in the bone and external rods are attached to stabilize the fracture for healing. ESF typically stays in place 6-12 weeks depending on the nature of the fracture, fracture site and the age of the patient. We are excited about having ESF as another tool in treating broken limbs.